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Some of the captions do not appear

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Feb 13, 2012 at 6:01 PM

IN the captions demo, the captions shown in yellow do not appear. And the caption shown in orange is shown for the wrong duration.

<p xml:id='subtitle1a' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:00:27' end='00:00:02:22'>Sean: Hello.<br/>I’m a PC,</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle1b' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:03:00' end='00:00:04:17'>and I’ve been made into a stereotype.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle2' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:04:18' end='00:00:06:29'>Uche: I’m a PC, and I’m not what you call hip.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle3' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:07:00' end='00:00:09:16'>Bill Gates: I’m a PC, and I wear glasses.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle4' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:09:20' end='00:00:10:05'>Feng (Susan): I wear glasses.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle5' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:10:15' end='00:00:11:23'>Female Student in South Africa: Hey, I wear glasses.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle6' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:11:25' end='00:00:12:16'>Young Guy: I wear jeans.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle7' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:13:17' end='00:00:14:00'>Geneticist: And I study genes.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle8' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:14:07' end='00:00:15:05'>Jennifer Lee: And I design jeans.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle9' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:15:06' end='00:00:16:15'>Edouard Francois: And I design green buildings.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle10' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:16:21' end='00:00:18:15'>French Student: I’m a PC and I study the law.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle11' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:18:18' end='00:00:19:11'>Lawyer: And I practice the law.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle12' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:19:14' end='00:00:20:12'>Alex Poli: And I challenge the law.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle13' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:21:04' end='00:00:22:07'>Obama Blogger: I’m a PC and I blog for Obama.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle14' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:22:08' end='00:00:23:17'>Benjamin Ferguson: And I broadcast for McCain.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle15' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:23:24' end='00:00:25:02'>Bearded Man: And I have a beard.</p> This one runs all the way to 29 seconds
<p xml:id='subtitle16' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:29:16' end='00:00:30:13'>Tony Parker: I’m a PC and I have three rings.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle17' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:31:02' end='00:00:32:17'>Eva Longoria: I am a PC and I have one ring.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle18' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:32:21' end='00:00:34:23'>Dave Van Ommering: I turn number two into energy.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle19' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:35:08' end='00:00:37:26'>Geoff Green: I’m a PC, and I want to protect these.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle20' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:37:27' end='00:00:40:27'>Teacher: I’m a PC and I’m connected to more than a billion others worldwide.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle21' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:41:12' end='00:00:43:09'>Bernard Harris: Roger that Houston, I’m a PC.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle1a' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:43:13' end='00:00:45:12'>Roger: And my name is Roger. I’m a PC.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle22' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:45:13' end='00:00:46:06'>Jasmin Santanen: I’m a PC.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle23' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:46:07' end='00:00:46:28'>Student: I’m PC.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle24' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:47:00' end='00:00:48:16'>Pharrel: Yea, I’m a PC, too.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle25' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:48:19' end='00:00:50:27'>Deepak Chopra: I’m a PC and a human being.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle25' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:50:28' end='00:00:53:21'>Not a human doing, not a human thinking,</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle25' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:54:20' end='00:00:55:25'>a human being.</p>
<p xml:id='subtitle26' ttm:role='caption' begin='00:00:56:08' end='00:00:57:27'>Fisherman: I’m a PC and I sell fish.</p>

Feb 13, 2012 at 6:13 PM

Hi Leo,

Thanks for reporting this. I am able to reproduce this behavior in IE 9 only. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are displaying the all of the captions for the correct durations.

I'll look into this and get back to you.