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Is there a way to schedule a non-linear advertisement using local resources?

Topics: Windows 8 Xaml
Oct 3, 2012 at 2:17 PM

[XAML version]

I tried to make the sample application's Schedule Clip Page load a PNG image, using the appropriate mime-type but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Preferably, I'd be able to load a non-linear using a project-local PNG file (embedded resource) as an overlay on the video at certain times in playback.

Is this possible without a VAST manifest?  Is it possible to create a VAST manifest that points to app-local resources?

Oct 3, 2012 at 4:50 PM

The AdSource "clip" ad type supports linear ads only. The recommended approach to accomplish this would be to create an instance of AdDocumentPayload and populate it with a nonlinear ad. The programmatic ad sample shows how to create an AdDocumentPayload object programmatically. Once you have the AdDocumentPayload object, you can assign it to AdSource.Payload with AdSource.Type = DocumentAdPayloadHandler.AdType

var adSource = new AdSource() { Type = DocumentAdPayloadHandler.AdType, Payload = GetSampleAdDocument() };

Then, all you have to do is assign adSource to your preroll, midroll, or postroll.

Regards, Tim