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How To Load Subtitle form Local Storage?

Topics: Windows 8 Xaml
May 20, 2013 at 11:02 PM
Hi MVP's
  1. i had movie with subtitle in local disk.i need to play the movie ! then load the subtitle form the location .i don't how to do it i confused more.
Give More reference about "caption"
it's possible to load subtitles.
  1. how to change theme form dark to light or light to dark dynamically.
it make user more comfort...........
  1. i have a problem? i created background audio process.
    a. i added video and audio file in list,all working fine
    b.i doing some work another app or vs ide ,automatically next video is playing.
    when i switch to my application i am seeing """" black screen""" is visible.
    c.when i press next video again work fine.
what the problem how to resolve it?
  1. videoeffects and audioeffects
    how to add it .........
i got video efffect from windows media extension sample application to store or save " " storage file"" in database or local appdata or roaming app data.

6.3d feature.....explaination

7.Important while continuosly if press next video iam """""catastrophic error"""""
how to handle to hide it from user side in other device how to achive it...........

sorry too many question ,i am a student form india....................fighting to learn more ......proably the time is now 3.31 am in india.............