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Quartile beacons do not get sent until the end of the video

Topics: Windows Phone 8
Jan 7, 2014 at 5:49 PM

We have an issue where the quartile beacons in advertisements are not being sent until the end of the video. It does not happen any time, it appears to be at random.

I have been debugging the code and I arrived in the VpaidVideoAdPlayer class. In there I can see the markers being added and I have checked that the markers are still present while the advertisement is playing.

The issue is the MarkerReached event does not fire until the end of the advert (or sometimes not at all). When it does fire at the end, all of the events arrive at once (firstQuartile, midPoint, thirdQuartile).

This seems to happen for 1 in 3 adverts.

We are using the latest version of the player framework.

Have you seen this behaviour before?