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Windows Phone 8.1: Playready DRM example doesn't work with ARM platform

Topics: Windows Phone 8
Mar 6, 2015 at 11:01 AM

We're working on a project for Window 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 that uses the player framework for playback of protected video PlayReady DRM. In a first step we have worked with the emulator of visual studio using as a reference platform x86. With this platform video playback works correctly. In the final phase of the project we started testing on the device using Windows Phone 8.1 as the platform of ARM. With this platform when you play a video protected by DRM we get an exception in "Indiv.cs":

async public void IndivReactively(PlayReadyIndividualizationServiceRequest indivRequest)
        Exception exception = null;

            _serviceRequest = indivRequest;

            await indivRequest.BeginServiceRequest();
        catch ( Exception ex )
            exception = ex;
            IndivServiceRequestCompleted( indivRequest, exception );
``` Calling: indivRequest.BeginServiceRequest await ();

We get:
First-chance exception of type 'System.Exception' in
The text associated with this error code could not be found.

Any idea on how to fix it?