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[Windows Aniversary Preview BUG] Player Framework doesn't stops downloading fragments using smooth streaming & never dispose the stream/memory

Topics: Windows 10 UWP
Jul 11, 2016 at 12:21 PM
Hi There
We have upgrade our dev env to the latest windows insider preview build (14385) and we're facing two big problems using the player framework and HLS/Smooth Streaming Streams: The player framework never releases the memory after closing the stream and it keeps downloading fragments forever.

It can be easily reproducible executing the following code a few times (put it on a button click handler and click it a bunch of times )
if (player.CurrentState != MediaElementState.Closed)
    player.Source = null;                

player.Source = new Uri("SMOOTH_STREAMING_LIVE_URL");
Using HLS the memory keeps more or less stable around 120-140Mb but it doesn't stop downloading fragments, but using smooth streaming, the memory doesn't stop growing until it crashes.


In both cases, the memory used is not released when the stream is stopped/closed/Setsource= null;

We're using the latest versions available for the smooth streaming client, player framework, windows sdk, visual studio... I can provide some test streams for testing

We don't have this problems in the current version of windows 10.