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Player Framework for Windows 8 and WP8 (v1.2 beta)

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Released: Mar 13, 2013
Updated: Apr 16, 2013 by timgreenfield
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Release Notes

This is an interim release that has not gone through our full testing process. In order to give developers early, faster access to new features as we implement them, we intend to start making interim releases like this available on a regular basis.
  • WebVTT support in Xaml versions (WP8 and Win8)
  • New WebVTT sample for JS and Xaml version (Win8)
  • Support for SmartXML references to VAST wrappers (WP8 and Win8)
  • Settable IsMultiResolutionVideoSupported; some streams support it and others don’t. This gives applications the control over this setting if desired. (WP8)
  • Support for accessing and/or modifying the Uri, Stream (or MediaStreamSource in WP8) during the MediaLoading event via the EventArgs (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • Support for accessing and/or modifying the Uri during the loading event via the event details (Win8 JS)
  • Support for setting a stream (and MediaStreamSource in WP8) on a PlaylistItem (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • Using AudioSelectionView and CaptionSelectorView now allow Padding property to control audio and caption selector positioning. Useful for entertainment theme to ensure listbox does not show behind app bar (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • Added AdaptivePlugin.AutoRestrictTracks property (WP8)
  • Advertising: aspect ratio now used as criteria for selecting ad media (all versions)
  • MediaLoading deferrals that return false now invoke media load failures (all versions)
  • Automatic Windows 8 N & KN detection and prompt to install Media Feature Pack (all versions)
  • New DownloaderPlugin property on AdaptivePlugin to better support ISmoothStreamingCache implementations and code sharing with Win8 version (WP8)
  • Win8: Automatic scheme registration for downloader plugins to allow use of http & https sources (Win8)
  • VMAP spec change: We received notification that ‘VASTData’ was a typo in the spec. The VMAP plugin now supports both 'VASTAdData' and 'VASTData' (all versions)
  • SmartXML fix: removing generic callbacks if others with same name is already present (all versions)
  • SmartXML fix: assets with no url now ignored (all versions)
  • Smooth streaming: Fix for non-zero start times (Win8)
  • Position tracking plugin is not firing for events added after MediaOpened but before MediaStarted (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • PositionChanged event fired when nothing changed (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • TTML validation error occurred when dropMode was specified (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • AdSchedulerPlugin.SeekToAdPosition dependency property was incorrectly named. No impact unless binding was used to set this (Win8 & WP8 Xaml)
  • Error when you dispose the player before dispatcher has a chance to run code on UI thead in media control plugin (Win8 Xaml)
  • Error in analytics monitor when SSME reports malformed download time (happens only when using custom ISmoothStreamingCache implementations) (WP8)
Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows 8 Applications
Microsoft PlayReady Client SDK for Windows 8 Applications

Reviews for this release

Some features still need attention. I have used in a Windows Phone 8 app IsFullScreenVisible is not working.
by mohammadtanvir on Mar 19, 2013 at 11:53 PM