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The Windows Phone 8 version of the player framework is based on the Windows 8 Xaml version code base. This means that you can enjoy all the same features available in the Windows 8 version such as closed captions, advertising, and the ability to style the player.

However, there are some key differences between the two versions in order to make them more consistent with the platform for which they are intended to run on.
  • The look and feel of the default player UI is different and certain UI elements no longer apply such as the full-screen and volume controls.
  • The skip back and ahead buttons are visible by default in the UI to match the default Windows Phone video player look and feel. The increments that they jump are also different from Windows 8.
  • There is only one theme (the default theme) which is appropriate for all videos. In Windows 8 there are 2 themes (one to look like the video tag UI and another based on the Windows 8 entertainment app guidelines).
  • There is an optimization for advertising in Windows 8 where subsequent ads within the same ad pod are pre-loaded. This was not possible on the phone. However, we are able to optimize and pre-load single ads and the first ad in an ad pod.
  • For smooth streaming support, the Windows Phone version uses the SmoothStreamingMediaElement (from the IIS Smooth Streaming Client) whereas the Windows 8 version uses the Smooth Streaming Client SDK.
  • On Windows Phone, DRM is facilitated using the LicenseAcquirer vs. the MediaProtectionManager on Windows 8.

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