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The WP8 version of the player framework is based on the Windows 8 version, not the WP7 version. While this might create additional work if you are migrating your application, we hope you will appreciate all the improvements and new features available in this version.

Here are some of the more important new features:
  • Support for WP8
  • Performance improvements
  • Fully localizable
  • Easier to skin, brand, & style
  • New default style matches Windows Phone default video player's
  • Advertising support:
    • VAST
    • MAST
    • VPAID
    • FreeWheel
    • Simple clips
    • VMAP
  • Faster media/channel switching
  • Installs as VS extension SDK
  • Smaller runtime
  • MEF is no longer used to load plugins, plugins need to be manually added.
  • TTML rendering improvements (e.g. text outline support)
  • Smooth streaming support via new AdaptivePlugin.
  • 100% backward compatibility with MediaElement API
  • Touch interaction improvements
  • Built in caption track selection UI
  • Built in audio track selection UI
  • Click to play support to help save bandwidth until user decides to play
  • New optional buttons in the UI
  • Landscape and portrait layout support
  • Poster support
  • Tracking plugin for monitoring playback

Warning: this version is based on the Windows 8 Xaml version code base and is not intended to be fully backward compatible with the previous Windows Phone 7 version.

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