HTML5 (Browser) Player Framework Documentation

Getting Started Guides


"How To" Examples

The examples linked below are available for download in a zip file for use in your local environment: HTML5 Player Framework Examples
  • Basic Declarative Usage
    • Demonstrates the basic declarative usage of the Player Framework using existing DOM elements.
  • Basic JavaScript Usage
    • Demonstrates the basic code-only usage of the Player Framework where JavaScript creates the DOM elements.
  • Fallback Usage
    • Demonstrates using multiple successive fallbacks: HTML5 video is configured the primary experience, Silverlight is configured as the next fallback, and a list of hyperlinks to the media is declared as the last fallback. More fallback examples can be found here.
  • Playlist
    • Demonstrates implementing a playlist using an array of media file references. Displays the playlist using the included playlist control.
  • Media RSS Playlist
    • Demonstrates implementing a playlist using a Media RSS feed. Displays the playlist using the included playlist control.
  • Timeline and Chapter Cues
    • Demonstrates implementing timeline cues (timeline markers) and chapter cues using the cues initialization options and API. Displays timeline cues on the control strip timeline and allows for navigation of chapters using chapter navigation buttons.
  • Closed Captions (TTML)
    • Demonstrates implementing closed captions using an external TTML file. The TTML file is parsed according to the W3C specification and the captions are displayed as the video plays.
  • Accessibility
    • Demonstrates the ability to customize the access keys for each control in the player.
  • AutoPlay
    • Demonstrates the autoplay option used to start a video as soon as it's loaded.

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gare_c Apr 15 at 6:53 PM 
This project is dead, buried under the weight of Microsoft's own DRM. LMAO!

Not seeing web browser ready HTML 5 web client that supports Microsoft's Smooth Streaming.

cbigas Oct 7, 2014 at 2:04 PM 
How can I pass it the key to play an encrypted manifest file?

Magetrip May 1, 2014 at 10:06 AM 
I'm sorry. I am really trying to figure this out, but once I download the HTML5 Player Framework, how do I get it to work? There's no user friendly guide I could find, and it seems I can't figure out how to make it all work... Could someone help me out?