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Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro Style Applications

This is a beta release of the Player Framework for use in developing Metro style applications for the Windows 8 Consumer Technology Preview. This framework allows you to add advanced video playback features to your Metro style application using either the HTML/JavaScript or XAML/C# app models. It has also been architected to fully support the IIS Smooth Streaming SDK for Windows 8, enabling you to deliver high-quality, adaptive bitrate video content to your Metro style application.


The beta release focuses on core playback scenarios and baseline functionality. In our next release we will add more advanced features including SMPTE-TT/TTML/WebVTT closed captioning support, Advertising support via MAST, VAST, VPAID, and Microsoft's Universal Ad Client, and a number of other advanced features.

Download the Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro style apps here and check out the documentation here.

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