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For JavaScript and XAML versions

  • After installing the updated VSIX files, you must remove and re-add references to all Microsoft Player Framework SDKs.

Breaking changes from Preview 3 JavaScript version

  • Removed "Metro" from all player framework paths. In your HTML page, please make the following change for all script and CSS references:
// OLD script tag
<script src="/Microsoft.Metro.PlayerFramework.Js/js/PlayerFramework.js"></script>
// NEW script tag
<script src="/Microsoft.PlayerFramework.Js/js/PlayerFramework.js"></script>
  • mediaPlayer.playlist has been moved to mediaPlayer.playlistPlugin.playlist to be consistent with other plugin APIs. This also affect JSON options which are now easier to set on plugins. See JavaScript usage guide for more information.
  • Simplifications to default CSS. This may affect you if you are extending or overriding the default CSS for the player framework to style your player. Please take a look at the latest CSS included with the framework.

Breaking changes from Preview 3 XAML version

  • Simplifications to default XAML. This may affect you if you are creating a custom template for the player to style your player. Please take a look at the latest XAML included with the framework.
  • CaptionMarkers SDK has been removed. If you want to continue to use the CaptionMarkers plugin, it is available as part of the source download. However, we recommend using the newer TimedText plugin if you need closed captioning.

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