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Player Framework unable to play files otherwise playable in phone

Topics: Windows Phone 8
Nov 4, 2013 at 7:16 AM
I have a .AVI file which plays fine from my WP8 phone's music+videos hub.
I embedded this avi into my app as content, copied to IsolatedStorage at startup, opened using isolatedstoragestream and used MediaPlayer.SetStream to play it.

However, it ended up with media falied, please retry.

I know WP8 only plays AVI containers with specific codecs, and as far as this file is concerned, this plays fine from phone's video hub.

I understood that player framework uses the same media foundation framework as in the video hub. Can anybody please let me know why then the file is not playing in player framework?

Do I need to do any special coding? Anybody else tried and having same problem?