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Channel 9 Sample Application

This sample demonstrates how to build a Windows 8 Store app using the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework for JavaScript. The application displays rich content provided by This Week On Channel 9, a popular online show featuring the most important news in the developer community.

Videos from an RSS feed are assembled into a playlist and played in a customized "full screen" instance of the PlayerFramework.MediaPlayer control that is bound to other AppBar and Flyout controls on the page, as shown below.


The sample application uses the familiar Grid App project template available in Visual Studio 2012. Episodes from the show are grouped by month on the home page.


The sample application displays details for the currently selected episode along with a play button to view smooth streaming video using the Player Framework's adaptive streaming plugin.


Additionally, the sample application responds to view changes to improve the user experience. For example, in snapped view, the player is automatically toggled out of full screen mode, uses a simplified control panel, and displays the title and additional information about the current video.


Likewise, other pages in the application update their layout in snapped view to better accommodate the space available.


Download the sample to run it and explore the source code for yourself.

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