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For JavaScript and XAML versions

  • After installing the updated VSIX files, you must remove and re-add references to all relevant Microsoft Player Framework SDKs.

Breaking changes from Preview 5 JavaScript version

  • If you had a custom resources.resjson file in your app: prior to Preview 6 you had to merge the player framework resources with your custom resources.resjson file. This is no longer required and we recommend removing these entries.
  • If you provided localized strings for the player framework in your app:
    • Localized strings for the player framework now need to be in a separate resjson file called PlayerFramework.resjson.
    • Note: Several resource strings were renamed. For newer IDs, please refer to the source zip in /Win8.Js/strings/en-us/Resources.resjson.
  • Renamed ProgressControlPlugin -> BufferingPlugin
  • Renamed ErrorControlPlugin -> ErrorPlugin
  • Renamed PlayControlPlugin -> LoaderPlugin
  • Several CSS class name changes to accommodate the above plugin name changes (e.g. pf-buffering, pf-error, pf-loader)
  • Minor CSS changes to better support RTL languages (e.g. volume slider styles)
  • StartScrub, Scrub, and CompleteScrub events renamed to scrub/scrubbing/scrubbed to match native seek/seeking/seeked
  • AutohideBehavior options renamed to better convey intent

Breaking changes from Preview 5 XAML version

  • Simplifications to default XAML. This may affect you if you are creating a custom template for the player to style your player. Please take a look at the latest XAML included with the framework.
  • AutoHideBehavior enum values renamed to better convey intent
  • PlaylistItem.SourceUri should be used instead of PlaylistItem.Source if binding in Xaml.
  • Microsoft.PlayerFramework.TimedText.Caption no longer exists. Use Microsoft.PlayerFramework.Caption instead.

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