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Windows Phone 8 Landscape Orientation


Windows Phone 8 Portrait Orientation

The Windows Phone Caption Settings page can be styled and re-templated to allow developers to customize the design of the caption settings page. To do this you will need to get the control template from the CaptionSettingsControl and modify it.

Modifying the CaptionSettingsControl control template

  1. In Expression Blend, Add an instance of the Microsoft.PlayerFramework.CaptionSettings.CaptionSettingsControl to a phone page. This will only be temporary)
  2. In the Objects and Timeline pane, right-click on the [CaptionSettingsControl] instance and select Edit Template...Edit a Copy...
  3. Create the style resource in the application, document, or a resource dictionary. You can use the default values. The template will then be created and opened.
  4. Modify the control template.
  5. Set the CaptionSettingsPlugin.CaptionSettingsControlStyle property to the resource created in the previous steps.
  6. Once you are done with styling the control, you can delete the [CaptionSettingsControl] from the page.

Setting Style via Xaml

<ttmlcs:TTMLCaptionSettingsPlugin CaptionSettingsControlStyle="{StaticResource CaptionSettingsControlStyle1}"/>

Setting Style via code

var plugin = new TTMLCaptionSettingsPlugin();
plugin.CaptionSettingsControlStyle = this.Resources["CaptionSettingsControlStyle1"] as Style;

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